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Philippians E-Course

Philippians E-Course

Enjoy this study on the book of Philippians, a heart-felt letter to the church at Philippi from the Apostle Paul.  Hear Paul encourage the Church to remain in joy, unity, and like-mindedness as he himself experienced a time of imprisonment.  Paul's concern was for the furtherance of the Gospel, and he expected the Church to remain unified in the face of opposition.

This study is relevant for today.  The Church must remain unified in spite of pressure or circumstances.  The world waits to see the response of the people of faith when trouble arises.  This letter encourages us to prefer our brother, to address offenses, to give to others, and to rejoice in the face of adversity.  Although an ancient letter, Paul's command for the Church—to re-present Jesus well—still rings clear today.  This study will help the student realize that our conversation and conduct do matter when the pressures of life arise.

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